A country of in depth history and culture, the Turkish Republic is located where the three continents of the old world, Asia, Africa and Europe, are closest to each other and straddle the point where Europe and Asia meet. Because of this geographical location, the mainland Anatolia has witnessed the mass migration of diverse peoples, shaping the course of history. Home to countless civilizations, Anatolia has developed a unique synthesis of cultures, each with its own distinct identity, yet each linked to its predecessors through insoluble threads. As a modern nation in an ancient land, Turkey today is the inheritor and conservator of such an essential, shared heritage of humanity.

Why Turkey

  • Since the early days of the Silk Road, Turkey is the crossroad of creative exchange between Europe and Asia.
  • Turkey is accessible from all corners of the world including Central Europe, Central Asia and Middle East because of its geographical location.
  • The citizens of 99 countries can enter Turkey without visa.
  • Turkey is a paradise for tourism.
  • Turkey is a kaleidoscope of cultures and history. The beauty of the land and the spirit of the people make it an attractive and rewarding country. It is an optimistic, progressive nation with a proud and gracious way of life.
  • Two of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World were located in Turkey.
  • The Hagia Sophia is one of the Seven Medieval Wonders of the World.
    Over the centuries, visitors have been enthralled by the delightful tastes of Turkey´s unique cuisine.
  • Genuine warmth and generosity are characteristic of the hospitality extended to visitors since Turkish tradition declares that every traveler is “a guest of God”
  • Turkey is the only unique country in the world, celebrated children´s day in every year on 23 April