Why Blue DMC

Creative, Innovative and Cool

  • Passionate, dedicated, flexible, who listens very carefully from the beginning to understand your needs in depth
  • Having a high level understanding of your culture, speaking your own language (English, French, Italian)
  • Proactive who will work as an extension of your team
  • Being dedicated with great operational experience on the ground who will make your life easy 24/7

Passionate and Dedicated

  • Having a team of experts who love to think out of the box, considering this as a
    life – style rather than a daily routine to be accomplished
  • Thinking, exploring, experiencing and brain storming for authentic ideas and concepts to be ready for some cool stuff
  • Always following the latest trends and innovations in the industry

Easily Reachable, Knowledgeable, Prompt and Practical

  • Easily reachable who reverts back within 2 hoursand sends tailor – made, detailed and inspiring proposals within the next 48 hours after your RFP
  • Possessing an in – depth local knowledge which comes from 30 years of experience that can not be reached from a search – engine
  • Disciplined, prompt, practical and solution oriented

Experienced and Up to Date

  • Having the most up to date and detailed information on the destination
  • Innovative technology and efficient strategic planning
  • Working and planning on a timeline, loyal to deadlines
  • Thinking 1 step forward and orchestrating accordingly
  • A comprehensive pre event planning followed by a smooth execution

Solid and Reliable

  • Best quality and cost effective procurement
  • Strong long term relationships with the local suppliers due to long experience in the industry, best buying power and smooth contractual period to protect clients’ all needs and rights
  • Solid and strong financial structure and reliable financial management

Transparent, Straight Forward

  • Transparent planning – budgeting – contracting and financing phase
  • An equally transparent post event period with detailed debriefing and financial summary